6 Square House
Bridgehampton, New York

Located on a 2 acre lot adjacent to a historic house in Bridgehampton, New York, the “6 Square House” is made up of six 24’x24’ modules each featuring a gabled geometry.  The six modules are composed to create continuous momentum between exterior roof ridges, while roof eaves flow upward and downward along curves to break away from tradition. While simple exterior materials highlight the dynamic roof geometry from various viewpoints around the site, the roof composition translates to the house’s interior and naturally delineates 6 distinct programs.

The 3,500 square foot house contains 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living spaces, an outdoor porch and garage. Living spaces open directly onto a landscape designed for entertaining: central court, meadow and pool house. The kitchen, located at the center of the house, is adjacent to a “left-over” triangular court and looks through the open porch that frames views of landscape beyond. Living spaces and kitchen are linked to one another to serve as a large open space emphasizing the flow of continuous ruled ceiling geometry, while bedrooms feature framed views of the site’s mature and gnarled trees for privacy. Standing in the middle of the site, one can glimpse archetypal gables silhouetted against the undulating roof geometries, emphasizing the evolution of the typology in a layering of forms.

Diagram 2.jpg