Glitch House
Playa Grande, Dominican Republic

Located further inland from the Lodge nestled into the jungle’s canopy is the Glitch House at the Retreat. The building consists of 1,800 interior square feet and 330 square feet of accessible roof garden.

The House contains 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, as well as communal living areas. The exterior features cement tiles hand made in the Dominican Republic. The graphic pattern applied to its surface interferes with the legibility of the concrete block geometry of the house relative to the background of the tropical landscape.

The Glitch House is the first structure a guest sees upon arriving at the Wellness Retreat. Rather than marking this moment with a defined boundary or gate house, the Glitch House strangely smears itself into the jungle landscape. It is a hint towards the immersive experiences that guides the design for the Retreat in general.

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Glitch House5.jpg