Hamptons Bungalow
Westhampton, New York

Located on a one acre site in Westhampton, this residential project works with the subtle interplay between two distinct architectural agendas. On one hand, the entry massing adheres to the clients interest in the aesthetic of midcentury modern homes in which conceptual clarity comes from orthogonal alignments. This compact, linear facade then develops up into a series of folded roof planes whose slopes and seams introduce a spatial rhythm throughout the interior. These overhead creases become more pronounced as they move away from the entry towards the rear, serving to both orient and link the interior with the outdoor patio and pool area.

The weekend bungalow begins construction in the fall of 2014, under a tight budget the scheme prioritizes critical common spaces while maintaining economic simplicity for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The single story house is approximately 2000 sf with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


Contractor: Vital Habitats

Photography by Costas Picadas

Diagram - The Hamptons Residence.jpg