Playa Grande Bungalows
Dominican Republic

Further inland on the site, three free-standing bungalows slip through the existing growth of trees in a manner similar to the lifted meandering of the Main House. Their pleated walls create a highly textural surface within the jungle landscape. Each triangular fold balances the desires for privacy and view, and shades the glass behind from the strong midday sun, reducing heat gain. As each wall gently curves through the jungle, a fluttering effect of light and shadow is achieved, diffusing sunlight into the space. The height of each pleat remains consistent at 3.75m; therefore, the mass of the bungalow becomes a direct offset of the topography below, monitoring existing and reconstructed ground conditions. The design is contemporary while its simple method of construction alludes to the vernacular craftsmanship of the Dominican Republic.

Principal-in-charge: Bryan Young
Lead Designers: Jon Cielo, Mark Watanabe
Project Team: Meredith Kole, Nayoung Kim

The Playa Grande Bungalows are the result of collaboration with local architect Estudio Sarah Garcia.