The Corrulamp
New York City

Corrulamp-1 is constructed by stacking layers of laser-cut corrugated cardboard to form a single elliptical lamp shade. The cut of each layer rotates a consistent amount relative to the direction of the cardboard’s corrugation; the result is rotational gradation of texture and light emitted across the surface of the volume that varies as one moves around the lamp. The surface fluctuations act against the purity of the form, with fluctuations from solidity to transparency as the grain of the corrugation shifts from perpendicular to parallel. The piece can be constructed from three CAD laser cutting files and nine 18″x 24″ sheets of cardboard.

Corrulamp-1 was completed by Bryan Young at Architecture Research Office; Stephen Cassell (ARO) was the partner in charge of the project. ARO received a citation award from the AIA New York City Chapter in 2006 for Corrulamp-1. The piece has since appeared in numerous museums including the Vitra Design Museum, Fuller Craft Musuem and MoCA Taipei.