The Kitchen
New York, New York

The Kitchen, pioneer of NYC’s avant-garde scene from 1971 onward, is renovating and expanding the offices, galleries and performance spaces it has called home since 1987. To facilitate the evolving requirements of the non-profit’s various programs, we proposed an extension on the roof and redesign of both the building’s facade and core.

The design embraces nesting of new elements into the existing, with an aesthetic of temporal and physical conglomeration.

While adding different elements to the building, it was also crucial to maintain the integrity of the existing masonry building with consideration to its prominent location directly off the heavily trafficked High Line. The signature “black box” of The Kitchen’s entrance conceptually translates into dark, vertical fenestration on the front facade, and also is also echoed in the rectilinear perforated extension on the roof.

The proposed new core has the potential for visual and spatial relationships between different levels in section and acts as a unifying element throughout the building. With its formally charged interiors, the new theater on the roof challenges the notion of a minimalist black box for a performance space. A new plaster technique has been used to create an evocative space which performs well acoustically by selectively absorbing and diffusing sound.