The Spa
Playa Grande, Dominican Republic

The Beach Spa sits adjacent to the Lodge, nestled partially below grade as a unified collection of 6 rock-like masses.  The Spa program includes an open-air massage space, steam and outdoor showers, underground sauna, cold plunge pool and an air conditioned treatment room.  The interstitial space between masses provides circulation to the various programs.

The geometry of the Spa is broadly suggestive of formations like naturally eroded rock or strange ruins.  A closer reading reveals a carefully controlled unification of the 6 discrete volumes via inverting readings of symmetry, continuity, alignment, tangency and a singular architectural cropping envelope that bounds the entirety of the program. The sparkling concrete of the forms is embedded with green quartz aggregate that is willfully revealed in areas by sandblasting.  Deep scraping in the concrete adds an additional layer of texture and relates to areas of runoff from pooling water on the roofs.  Together, the additional concrete color and texture serve to reinforce the shifting reading of the volumes instigated by the geometry itself.